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Care Cleaning Protection
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We at CareCleaningAndProtection.com value each of our customers. . In keeping with this standard, we strive to provide the best value to you. Should you happen to find a lower price on-line, and qualify per the conditions below; we will refund the difference to you or deduct the difference from your current order.
We Guarantee it.

Terms and Conditions

The product must be the exact same make, model, substrate, size, packaging and color as that which you purchased from CareCleaningAndProtection.com.

The supplier of the lower-priced item must currently have the product in stock.

Price Guarantee does not apply to auction or bid sites, i.e. e-Bay, etc.

Our Price Guarantee applies to the cost of the product ONLY. Shipping, handling, taxes, small order fees, etc are exempt.

You must submit your claim via e-mail within 7 days of the date of purchase from CareCleaningAndProtection.com

This Guarantee is subject to change with-out notice.

How to obtain your Price Guarantee

Please e-mail us at MarkDown@carecleaningandprotection.com or click the “Contact Us” tab, complete the submission form, and click “Submit”. We will respond within 3 business days to your inquiry. Please include the following information in your communication;

The CareCleaningAndProtection.com item number for which you found a lower price.

The name of the on-line supplier you found the item at.

The web address, or link, to the lower priced item.

The lower price you found.

The order quantity you wanted to purchase.

And, tell us whether you have placed an order with us, or not. If so, please include your order date, and the confirmation number you received via e-mail.

Thank you from CareCleaningAndProtection.com.

We guarantee it.

ProWorks™ N95 Disposable Respirators
AirWorks® Urinal Screen - Eucalyptus
Microworks® Micro Fiber Towels - Yellow
All major credit cards accepted.